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LP - Oranssi Pazuzu - Valonielu

Repress on black vinyl in gatefold cover. Known entity to the most attentive and adventurous of black metal fans, with 'Valonielu' Oranssi Pazuzu offers a vibrant, colorful cataclysm of psych, space rock, and black metal that cannot be easily categorized as any one particular genre or any single influence. At once celestial and boundless yet malevolently grim and harsh, 'Valonielu' certainly elevated Oranssi Pazuzu to new levels of importance within the modern music scene. Their previous album 'Kosmonument' was received with great critical acclaim as a brilliant album by a band developing into something all their own. On 'Valonielu', the band has sharpened their songcraft into a more succinct and salient statement, formidably invoking '90s-era Darkthrone yet boldly reaching further out into the multiverse of the psych and experimental side they have always inhabited.