The AH Amulet


    By Dodi Espinosa & Eat Dust Clothing

    Designed and handmade by Dodi Espinosa,  the AH Amulet is an exceptional ceramic talisman, limited to 33 pieces only, all unique and different from the others. These amulets were created by Dodi – a Mexican born conceptual artist that resides in Antwerp – and then glazed and fired together with Aline Walther – womenswear designer at Eat Dust – in her atelier. The result is a truly unique pendant for a truly unique necklace.


    Conceived as a wearable piece of art, the amulet’s shape was inspired by the Buddhist Wheel of Dharma, which represents knowledge and it appears like a 'Third nipple' when hanging.  As it’s meant to be worn on the chest, close to the heart, the energy and mental power of its owner will recharge it to procure peace of mind. The back of the amulet is stamped with the Tibetan letter AH, which symbolizes the mind’s primordial state, achievable through meditation. Dodi and Aline didn’t only want to create a beautiful accessory, the idea was also to remind us all that fashion can (and should) also be meaningful, humble and sustainable.


    A collaboration based on meditation, with roots in art and fashion; definitely something else for a change, right?


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