Heavy Moleskin

A 620gr heavy 100% Cotton fabric is sourced from Arthur Dilthey Weberei in Germany that has been around since 1804 , specialised in Cotton fabrics. This is already a tough fabric and we added a stain nd water repelent finish to make it even more durable and functional .

Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric, woven and then sheared to create a short, soft pile on one side. In feel and appearance its nap is similar to felt or chamois, but less pluch than velour. The word is also used for clothing made from this fabric, as well as adhesive pads stuck to the skin to prevent blisters. Clothing made from moleskin is noted for its softness and durability. Some variants of the cloth are so densely woven as to be windproof.

Its name is due to the soft brushed hand of the fabric, similar to the skin of a mole.