Culinary Caravan - Willem Hiele x Villa Tazegzout

On a beautiful spring evening in April, Keith and Aline were sitting at the swimming pool of the beautiful Villa Tazegzout, which is located half an hour outside of Marrakech, where they were invited to enjoy a midweek of beautiful sceneries and great food by Chef and friend Willem Hiele. The conversation on why they do the things they do, led to the conclusion that passion for their craft, whether it’s making garments or delicious, honest food, is the defining factor in getting them where we they are today.

Passion takes you further than talent alone. It drives you to hone your skills, practice relentlessly, and continuously improve, often surpassing those who rely solely on innate ability. Unlike external rewards such as money, status, or recognition, which can provide temporary motivation, passion offers a deeper, more sustainable source of drive that keeps you going even when external incentives are absent.

Passion pushes you beyond mediocrity, inspiring you to strive for excellence and innovation, ensuring that you stand out in your field. In essence, passion provides a deep, intrinsic drive that fuels perseverance, creativity, and continuous growth, taking you further than talent, external motivation, comfort zones, routine effort, short-term success, fear of failure, and mediocrity.

Willem exemplifies this passion in his work as not just an incredible chef, but also a mindful and thoughtful one. His dedication to cook as sustainable as possible, support for local farmers and focus on minimizing food waste are truly commendable. Hiele’s ability to create delicious dishes from local ingredients and even leftovers shows a deep respect for the environment and the community. Witnessing his cooking philosophy and techniques firsthand during this stay in Morocco was inspiring and serves as a reminder to strive to be better yourself each day.

Throughout the journal, Willem is wearing a Big T Peluche White and an Officer Chino Recycled Cotton Grape LeafAline is wearing our Meadow skirt Cotton Linnen Tan with a Toku Top Double cotton Milk and our Gardian Dress in Chocolate, Keith is wearing the Peace Bunny Tee with a Frisco Chino Avocado or our Aloha Shirt Bamboo Rayon Amber 

Made possible by
Willem & Sophie @ Restaurant Willem Hiele

And everyone present who made it an exceptional stay.