Spring Summer 24 Keepers of The Wind


Fusing a love for tradition and authenticity with a willingness to challenge ourselves, our collections are a constant reflection of our evolution and growth. And we’d be nowhere without the art and travel that nourishes us and helps us progress.
For this Spring / Summer collection, our inspiration was twofold. We fully immersed ourselves in the work of the American painter Henry Taylor. His spontaneous, loose way of working, his use of vibrant and bold colors, his sensuous and generous approach to creating art were all key to how we approached this collection. Next to that, our own trip to Morocco left a huge imprint as well. Our stay at a traditional Berber house that was renovated with a brutalist touch was an eye opener. The endless landscapes, organic shapes, sun-faded hues and overall minimalism helped us navigate through our own ideas and sketches. 
So, you’ll find collections that are still rooted in workwear, military wear and vintage classics, with an ever increasing unisex character and a desire to do things just a little differently. Softer and louder colors, monochromes and prints, but most of all a focus on loose shapes and easily wearable clothes in durable materials. In line with the season, we opted for a variety of lighter fabrics; see-through, cotton linen, mesh and poplin, for example. 
Join us as we venture further into The World Of Dust.