Waxed Outerwear, The Scottish Way.

We love outerwear in a variety of styles and that's exactly what we try to bring forth in every collection as well. However, if there's one thing we cannot do without here in Belgium (and most of Europe by extension), it's a jacket or coat that's weatherproof and water repellent. Enter Halley Stevensons, world renowned manufacturers of waxed and weatherproofed fabrics, located in Dundee, Scotland. Here's a closer look at our range this season and one of our favourite suppliers.


Inspired by Halley Stevensons' 1910 patent for waterproofing textiles, the P200 Hybrid Aero finish is a combination of their driest wax and soft aero tumbling. This emulsified wax finish is perfect for lightweight breathable and weather repellent garments. It can be used unlined and offers a soft aged appearance, keeping all the character of natural cotton. This fabric is washable, can be line dried and lightly ironed if needed (but that's weird though).


The Field Coat is a super practical outerwear staple, with large flap pockets, a contrasting corduroy collar and a detachable hood. It combines a certain elegant British flair, with a more rugged outdoor style. Cuffs and waist are adjustable, so you can wear it closer to the body, or just loose. As weatherproof as it may be, it also features a premium checked lining, in soft brushed cotton. Available for both men & women, in a dark khaki and in olivine.



The Everest is our go-to smock, present every season in different fabrics. It's a loose and relaxed throw-over style, with an adjustable waist and adjustable hem (both with drawstring). Finished with a big, single chest pocket with zipper closure, 2 side pockets on hips and a hood with zipper closure and drawstring. This poppin' olivine version is sure to get you noticed, though it really isn't that hard of a color to pull off. This one's unlined and rather rigid at first. The more you wear it, the better it'll look. 


The sleeveless vest you didn't know you wanted... until you saw it. Taking inspiration from vintage hunter and military gear, this sleeveless vest with 4 utility pockets was cut with a v-neck and finished with a zipper closure. A great looking and eye catching extra layer that you can wear over or under practically anything. Unlined and lightweight. Available for both men & women, in olivine and a reddish orange.


Since 1864 (!), Halley Stevensons has amassed unique technical knowledge and manufacturing experience in their field of waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics. Everything happens under one roof, the old way, in Dundee, Scotland. 

Halley Stevensons uses only responsibly sourced cotton and low impact manufacturing, making it a sustainable choice. Plus, the beauty of waxed cotton is its durability and longevity — it is built to last. The densely woven cotton is strong and reliable and unlike many alternatives, can be maintained by the end user.