Sustainable Wool - Manteco Italian Premium Textiles and Circularity since 1943

Creating high-quality products has always been a core focus at Eat Dust. Therefore, collaborating with suppliers who share our dedication to producing the best possible products is crucial. Manteco stands out as one of our longstanding partners, providing us with exceptional quality materials.

Manteco is a renowned textile company that stands at the forefront of sustainability, receiving the prestigious "Radical Green" award in recognition of their dedication. Their sustainability journey traces back to 1943, deeply ingrained in their company culture, and it drives them to continuously pursue growth and innovation through responsible, groundbreaking solutions while keeping their love for fabrics intact. In pursuit of spreading awareness and commitment to these principles, they introduced MantEco for Planet®, a sustainability roadmap aligned with global standards. To solidify the integration of these principles into their core work, they've instituted a Charter of Values for Sustainability. This charter not only guides but also inspires and motivates their employees in their daily tasks, ensuring that their dedication to sustainability remains resolute.

In the year ahead, we're delighted to continue our collaboration with Manteco, creating key pieces for our AW'23 'Treasures of Existence' collection, including the Marina shirt, Armor vest,  Nuclear jacket and an exclusive Poncho, just as we have in previous years.