KD 26 Selvedge Denim

Our Core Selvedge Denim comes from Japan by the Kurabo Mill founded in 1888. When we started we looked at a lot of different fabric and did a lot of tests and the KD 26 came out as our favourite .Since day one of Eat Dust the KD26 has been our core fabric in the collection . It is a 13 3/4 Oz indigo dyed double ring spung denim with a blue Selvedge colour .What we liked most about this fabric is how it holds it's colour , the weight and the sturdines of it .

Selvedge denim is woven using old-fashioned denim-weaving techniques; most authentically woven on old looms. Selvedge looms were popular in denim weaving until the mid-to-late 1900’s. US denim mills began modernizing their machinery to speed production as demand for denim grew world-wide. For these mills, that were focused more and more on increasing output, the use of old selvedge looms became unwanted, making the looms obsolete due to their slower and less consistent production.However, today, selvedge denim has become more desirable than non-selvedge for two reasons: the nuance of the denim weaving technique itself and the commitment to quality from the mills producing selvedge denim. Japanese mills are the unquestionable leaders in selvedge denim production, nowadays.