Jo Gordon AW23

Introducing Jo Gordon: Where Knitwear Meets Craftsmanship


Jo Gordon is where cozy nostalgia meets contemporary style. It all started when a teenage Jo decided to recreate her dad's favorite, worn-out hat. In the chilly Scottish climate, that hat was more than just a fashion statement; it was a cozy companion. That moment ignited Jo's passion for the art of knitting and her love for crafting pieces that are as honest as they are functional.

What sets Jo Gordon apart is her unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. She's all about that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from a well-made piece of knitwear. And where better to nurture this passion than Scotland, with its rich knitting heritage? Jo collaborates with small, traditional mills that share her love for the craft. These artisans keep the flame of tradition alive, delivering knitwear that's steeped in quality and authenticity.

Collaboration is at the heart of Jo's creative process. She teams up with friends, artists, and designers to infuse fresh life into age-old techniques and rediscover forgotten patterns. It's a blend of old-world expertise and modern creativity that makes Jo Gordon's knitwear truly unique.

Color is another star in Jo's knitwear universe. It's the magic wand that transforms simple designs into vibrant expressions. Whether you're into cool sophistication or playful extravagance, Jo's creations speak a colorful language that resonates with everyone.

But Jo's journey doesn't end with design. She believes in being part of every step, from sketch to shelf. That's how she ensures her knitwear isn't just something you wear; it's something you love, care for, and that serves you well.

So, welcome to Jo Gordon's world, where knitting isn't just a craft – it's a cozy, stylish, and timeless experience. Join us as we weave stories, one stitch at a time, and discover the warmth and charm of honest, functional knitwear that's perfect for today and cherished for years to come.