INCAUSA: Behind The Brand.

Incausa started with a one-person boardwalk stand back in 2014, in the brand’s homebase of Brooklyn, NY and has since grown into an internationally acclaimed brand, with more than 700 independent points of sale. They specialize in incense, skin oils, soaps and hand-crafted wares, but it’s the philosophy behind the brand that really sets them apart.  

"From our very origins of wills and intentions when starting the work, was a sentiment of search for purpose-commerce and sacred trade."   

Incausa (Latin for “in the cause of”) has had two goals since its inception. First, creating a profitable business by selling their unique range of honest products, all produced in fair-trade conditions in either South or North America. Second, they wanted to build a not-for-profit platform that offers indigenous communities around the world a market-placement wholesale position. Simply put, all indigenous pieces are sourced from the artisans who made them, in Brazil and Peru. Incausa makes sure 100% of the profits on those products goes back to those indigenous artisans.

Incausa is a study to find meaningfulness in profit and growth for everyone involved; brand, community and society. It all begins by creating a product line for ritual and meditation practice that touches on the ancient traditions, with a design that shows the up-value of the human hand touch. Sourcing their products from the finest and experienced producers of premium products, all Incausa incenses, soaps, pottery and oils are manufactured in Brazil, Peru, Nepal, India and USA. All indigenous artisan pieces are sourced directly from the artisans who made them, in Brazil and Peru.