Eat Dust x Komono Collab.


Accessories brand KOMONO teams up with luxury denim label Eat Dust in the creation of a capsule eyewear collection, launching at the beginning of May 2021. Both hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, they found a common ground in their rebellious attitude and uncompromising vision on quality and innovative design. The capsule consists of three styles, Hioco 73, Robertus 67 and Walther 76 and is inspired by protection wear. They have a timeless and classic feel to them, albeit with a contemporary twist due to their chunky and sturdy character. The collection is handmade in Italy from the finest responsibly sourced acetate. The color palette reflects this move towards durability and quality research with an extremely rich range of hues, from intense tortoises and soft bone colors to sandy oranges and smokey greys.

The collection will retail at €149 and be available at the KOMONO flagship stores, Eat Dust flagship store Antwerp,, and at selected retailers.
About Eat Dust
With deep roots in skateboarding, punk rock and underground subculture, Eat Dust was founded in 2010 by longtime friends Keith Hioco & Rob Harmsen. Their mutual love for denim brought them together to create a brand that is rebellious and unique. An uncompromising vision, merging classic menswear with a wide range of influences, from workwear and military wear to motorcycling gear. Eat Dust was founded on the pursuit of quality and originality. All production and sourcing is retained in Europe, simply because craftsmanship, integrity and proximity matter.
Girls of Dust was launched in 2017 by Aline Walther, Keith’s partner in crime since their days at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Taking similar inspirations, but transforming them into beautifully crafted and contemporary womenswear, Girls of Dust is all about constructing a timeless and durable wardrobe. A passion for the past combined with a strong focus on the future, standing firmly behind the same principles as its male counterpart. Eclectic, persistent and truly original, Girls of Dust aims to be as strong as the women that wear it.
KOMONO brings innovation and contemporary design into the world of accessories. With its inspired style, surprising colour palette and forward-thinking aesthetic, KOMONO has succeeded in pushing limits for over ten years. Founded in 2009 in Belgium by ex-professional snowboarders Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, KOMONO breaks convention and offers a fresh, new proposition. Be it sunglasses, sunglasses accessories, opticals, watches or even ski masks, KOMONO embraces the experimental and proposes a glimpse of the future into the here and now. Deeply rooted within the Antwerp fashion environment, renowned for its distinct, radical vision, KOMONO renders the avant-garde accessible and affordable. Its boundary-breaking designs have been worn by some of the world's most recognizable faces and are stocked by an impressive number of high-profile concept stores, department stores and independent opticians and fashion boutiques. Available in over 80 countries, KOMONO is a truly global brand, yet embraces the individual at every step. From our renowned eyewear collaboration with the Antwerp fashion academy to award-winning classics such as the Lulu or Mono watch series, KOMONO offers the perfect accessory for those in pursuit of style, personality and imagination.