Eat Dust versus Sustainability

Eat Dust versus Sustainability

Are We a Sustainable Compagny ?

NO : We are in the clothing business and how much as some compagnies or we would like to claim to be sustainable it's hard to be such a compagny in the current state of the buisness we are in.

We do try everything possible to be Responsible with a positive impact and do thing the right way according to our standards and values .

This mostly contradicts today's culture of profit and finacial succes , which is mostley gained true bottom line dicissions and No concern for Social or Enviromental concerns.

We are always looking for better way's of :

- Production : We produce everything in Portugal and accesoiries in Poland in small factories where we are in close contact with the owners and employees . We do not overproduce garments to get better prices or margins . What was ordered get produced this way we don't end up with huge amounts of stock. Producing closer to home also reduces transport emmsions.

- Fabrics : Are sourced from local suppliers from Europe ( Belgium , France , Italy , Germany ) and where we can we go for organic or recycled fabrics . We are currently switching over all jersey and sweat qualities to organic or recycled cottons. A great deal of time is invested in this process . Again by sourcing localy we reduce transport emmisions .

- Packaging : Another big isue . Most retailers demand that prodcuts are shipped in plastic pollybags to protect the garments during transport , this however is a huge waste of plastic which has enormuse concequenses on the envoirement .Also here we are currently switching over to recycled poly bags and looking into bio degradeble ones .

- Design : our process is to create pieces that are not bound by seasons or trends . So that every item you buy or bought will still be relavent today as it was last season or will be next season .

All these are baby steps , but important for us as a small compagny . We have never been to outspoken about these issues , as we don't wanna preach and there is still a lot of space for improvements , but never the less it's a big concern today , and we have to take some kinda action . As change start within yourself .

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