Eat Dust Presents: The Jay Sneaker.

Say hi to Jay, Eat Dust's first sneaker ever. Why Jay? Well, with more than half the team here growing up with or around skateboarding, the no-frills, timeless aesthetic of these high tops reminded us of one of the all time greats; Jay Adams. Designed in-house, we set out to create a sneaker that would effortlessly stand the test of time stylistically, in a premium quality that'll go the distance as well. Here's all you need to know about Jay. 

We've always had a soft spot for the early classic athletic shoes from the 1950s and 1960s. We all know who the pioneers were, so we don't need to tell you what's what. However, even with a style as stripped-down as that, there's still ways to fuck it up. We wanted to get things just right. When a friend of ours pointed us in the direction of a European manufacturer (in Romania) that works for some of the biggest names in the business and makes vulcanized soles, we knew we wanted to go for it.

The earliest designs - done by our own team - and prototypes were developed over 3 years ago, and with a few modifications and a lot of time to think things over, 2021 became the year in which we could finally get to it and launch production. We opted for a broad range of 6 colors (ecru, black, navy, mustard, green, red), in a premium Italian cotton canvas. These Jay sneakers are unisex as well, the size range starts at 36 and ends at 46.

The details make or break a sneaker, so we paid special attention there as well, starting with the classic "One For The Road" ankle patch. Furthermore, we used metal eyelets and provided ventilation holes on the sides. The rubber sole also has a herringbone motif. But obviously, what we're most excited about are the vulcanized sole and toe cap, that add character and solidity to these kicks. 

In case you'd be unfamiliar, vulcanising rubber is the process of curing elastomers. It involves the treatment of natural rubber with sulphur or other curatives (such as peroxide and metal oxides) to produce a rubberised material boasting excellent rigidity and durability. Next to that vulcanised rubber is very resilient, always returns to its original shape and absorbs very little water.