Eat Dust Denim Fit Guide.

With so many options to choose from, it's easy to get lost in the denim jungle. Considering that Eat Dust was basically founded on a shared love for quality denim, it should come as no surprise that we take the matter seriously. Over time we've developed 5 key fits that pretty much cover the whole spectrum. Read on to find out more. 


A tried and tested classic. The 76 Fit has a regular waist and straight - yet somewhat slimmer - legs. Made from a 13 ¾ oz double ring spun Japanese selvedge denim. We know that’s quite a mouthful, but it is what it is. This one’s the perfect start for any denim collection. Or your easy go-to that’ll always look cool.

If you enjoy your denim with a classic cut, not too slim and not too wide, and not tapered either, this is your boy. Like all of our denim, this one’s finished with the greatest attention to detail and made in Portugal. 


Another classic style. The 67 Fit has a regular waist and straight but looser legs. It was made from the same high end 13 ¾ oz double ring spun Japanese selvedge denim as most of our other denim. Though we refer to it as “loose”, these aren’t baggy. A very wearable, easy style, also for those that would rather not go too wild.

If you prefer some more room for your legs without going too wide, with a waist that is regular (so not especially high or low), this is what you need. Made in Portugal. 


The loosest of all our fits, this one's there for that like it very relaxed. Regular - or even a tad lower - on the waist, with a roomy top block and roomy and straight legs. These come in a heavy 14 oz Japanese pink selvedge denim, and have been rinsed once so they're not raw like (most of) our other denim.

If you want to take things a bit further, with a pair of jeans that is comfortable and looser than most, this is a great pick. Sizes rather large, so you can go down a size if needed. Made in Portugal.


As the name already gives away, this fit is loose and relaxed with legs that taper towards the ankles. The waist is regular but with a lower crotch. Again, made from double ring spun 13 ¾ oz Japanese selvedge denim. This one looks modern yet kinda classic too. Low risk operation.

This is the ideal fit is you like your denim relaxed and easy, with legs that you can either bunch up or cuff. Made in Portugal. 


Yeah, we know. Rocking a bootcut and looking cool isn’t the easiest task. But believe us when we say it is possible. Especially with this Fit 63. This 70s inspired bad boy features a moderate bootcut and was designed to wear slightly higher on the waist. Our trademark 13 ¾ oz Japanese double ring spun selvedge denim was used again, this time finished with a pony hair label on the back.

We hate being obvious, but these look best with boots. Slim on the thighs, gradually widening towards the ankles. Sizes bigger so you go down a size. Made in Portugal.