Shop by appointments

The Belgian Government has given the green light to reopen our store on the 11th.

As we don't wanna rush into things and get back to normal we will open on the 13th . So we can open fully prepared and ready in a safe environment for you and our staff .

Opening days will be from Wednesday till Sunday from 10h to 18h. And we have set into place e 2 ways of shopping for your convenience  .

Option 1 : Shopping by Appointment 

Go to our website and click on shop by appointment. Pick a day & hour and you are set . Time slots are from wed - Sun from 10h to 12.30h .

Option 2 : Without Appointment 

You come to the store between the hours of 13h - 18h and walk right in our wait your turn . You can grab a coffee and some sweets from our partners Go Wild while you wait your turn. Although we could have more then one customer a time , we are opting for a one visitor policy. That way we don't put any pressure and strain on our staff and give you a safe and relaxed shopping experience.Next to that we will make sure that every precaution is taken to guarantee your and our staffs health and safety.

Looking forward to welcoming you