Bali Bliss - An Editorial.

Ecstacy Of Bliss was the theme for the Eat Dust & Girls Of Dust 2023 summer collections. A contemporary wardrobe inspired by the celestial beauty of nature and its juxtaposition with human design. To bring some of the key pieces of both collections to life in an unexpected (yet complementary) setting, we connected with art director Justina Honsel.
Struck by the raw and natural beauty of Bali, its mystical character and its vibrant culture, Justina knew it was the ideal place for a shoot that fit the Ecstacy Of Bliss vibe. The collection’s flowing, lightweight fabrics and earthy colors go together with Bali’s natural surroundings like thunder and lightning. More specifically, Justina opted for the unique and offbeat Lost Lindenberg hotel in the heart of Bali as the location for the shoot. Far removed from classic tourist traps, surrounded by the jungle and temples, and with a stunning ocean view, Lost Lindenberg is a hidden gem. Lovingly crafted, unpretentious design combined with unspoilt nature. An authentic Balinese experience that proved to be the perfect backdrop for the shoot.
Together with photographer Marc Krause, the plan was to use a maximum of natural light to capture the essence of Bali's raw and untouched beauty. The tranquil lava beach with its high, foaming waves and pristine black sand, plus the early morning and late afternoon sun turned out to be perfect allies for the dramatic and atmospheric shots that they envisioned. As the shoot progressed, both Justina and Marc felt a deeper connection with the island and the project they were working on. The collections, the surroundings, and the team's creative vision all came together to create a truly unforgettable experience. One that everyone involved will cherish forever.
We hope you’ll enjoy this editorial as much as we do.
About Lost: 
We have LOST ourselves. On a deserted, black lava sand beach. In high, foaming waves. In a deep jungle of palm trees and sweet melancholic thoughts. Off the beaten tourist path, surrounded by the jungle, temples and the ocean, LOST LINDENBERG is a paradise found, complete with bonfires, sumptuous plant-based dinners and lush pools.
About Marc Krause:
Portrait and fashion photographer based in Frankfurt, Germany. Close to Berlin, Paris and Munch, Marc works in the transitional area of fashion-, portrait-, reportage- and interior-photography. 
About Justina Honsel:
Justina Honsel is an art director based in Antwerp & Frankfurt, with a focus on branding, design, and concept development. She has a talent for creating unique brand identities that capture the essence of a brand's message. Her work is a testament to the power of creative thinking, collaboration, and a strong visual identity. 
Art direction & production: Justina Honsel @iamjustinahonsel
Photography: Mark Krause @mmmarckrause
Models: Polina Sova @polinasova & Zasfariza Ilyasa @_eastsidekid
Photo assistant: Imanuel Togar @imnotpatrickstars
Hair & make-up: Annika Jeck @makeupandhair_by_nika
Styling: Valerie Cottyn @valeriecottyn & Justina Honsel
Location: Lost Lindenberg Bali @lostinlindenberg
Film: Imanuel Togar @imnotpatrickstars