Angelo de Meulenaere


It’s been over a decade since we first crossed paths and I can confidently say that Angelo remained unchanged. Remarkably, this constancy is a testament to his commitment to his dreams, maintaining the same high standards and purpose he held a decade ago. Simply mentioning his name at the Eat Dust HQ, sparked enthusiasm and was a trigger for a flood of intriguing stories. Angelo is undeniably a unique individual. Whether you like him or not, Angelo is resolute in understanding his own value and possesses the vision of a genuine craftsman.

Graduated as a furniture maker and a focus on the little details his skills and poise has elevated his work to an art form, it’s his way of life. His commitment to sustainability and creating one-of-a-kind boards has set him apart in the world of surfing. Giving him the chance of working with some of the biggest names in surfing.
Each surfboard that Angelo creates is a testament to his dedication to his craft. He consciously chooses never to use the same glassing or inlay twice, ensuring that every board he produces is truly exceptional. He sees these boards as more than just equipment for riding waves; they are pieces of art, expressions of his creativity. With different color images, vintage fabrics, and geometric figures adorning his boards, Angelo transforms each one into a unique masterpiece. His personal connection to the sport is evident in every board he shapes. Surfing isn’t just a hobby for him; it’s a vital part of his creative process. Riding the waves on his handmade boards and every other craft he can get his hands on allows him to evolve his designs and clear his head.

Angelo is always on the lookout for something new to keep the spark alive. He strives to surf as much as possible with different boards, constantly pushing the boundaries of his own designs. Each wave is an opportunity to test his limits with the ultimate goal to offer nothing but the highest quality surfboards to fellow wave enthusiasts. For Angelo, creating surfboards is not merely a profession; it’s a part of him. His unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the pursuit of perfection has turned his surfboard-making endeavor into a pure art form. In each board he shapes, he leaves a piece of his soul.

Styling @stayintheblue Photography @wouterstruyf