G.o.D SS22 Guardians of SE


 Never ones to go for boring, we had our minds set on creating a Spring/Summer collection that was truly bold, colorful and at times even startling, reflecting the excitement we felt while creating it.

 The inspiration behind it is twofold. “Guardians Of Se” refers to the indigenous people that live on the steep slopes of Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, who consider sustaining the balance of the spiritual and ecological world as their sacred task. Next to that, we were also strongly inspired by “Pakistan Ecstasy”, a series of pictures of Pakistan’s Islamic Sufis by Sebastian Laraia.

 As you’ve increasingly witnessed in our previous collections, there’s a large cross over in fabrics between our men’s and women’s collections, and this time both even share some unisex styles too. Furthermore, we went for strong, vivid patterns and a lot of colors, with references to our own roots in skateboarding and underground (music) cultures.

 Staying true to what we’ve always done, we carefully selected our fabrics from local suppliers, always searching for premium quality, unique structures and character. Everything was produced in Europe too.