Eat Dust AW 21-22 Equilibrium Disorder

A constant search for balance and peace of mind in turbulent times, using creativity as an escape from the everyday. To us, that’s what Equilibrium Disorder embodies. In a strange way, we found a reflection of just that in Steve McCurry’s “Afghanistan” book that documents a country full of contrasts and conflicts, washed in beauty. The gripping images within it inspired us thoroughly while we created this collection. 

With a focus on relaxed, comfortable shapes and newly developed fabrics that push quality and originality to new levels, our aim was to create garments that will effortlessly stand the test of time. We played with textures and layers, injected prints and patterns, while also bringing in enough color and lighter shades to compliment the more classic palette. Plus, this season sees us bridging the gap between our men’s and women’s line more than ever before, with plenty of shared materials and styles.