AW 20-21

Midnight Cowboy

There’s a lot to love about 1969’s cult classic Midnight Cowboy. It’s the story of two castaways hustling to get by in New York City, and the unlikely friendship that develops between them. The juxtaposition of those two characters is what spoke to us most of all: Joe Buck, the Texan rodeo cowboy turned prostitute (played by John Voight) and Ratso, a small time Italian criminal (played by Dustin Hofmann), with a style we’d consider preppy these days.

With that much inspiration coming at us, the challenge was to mix both styles into one coherent collection, topped off with some of that Eat Dust flavor. As always, a lot of effort went into the sourcing & development of new fabrics, with a feeling that is even richer and more luxurious than what you were already used to. Going all the way is the only way we know, as we owe it to ourselves and our clientele to use the best materials only.

For cords we went to Brisbane Moss in the Yorkshire Hills, suppliers of top-notch quality for over 140 years now. For our loyal denim enthusiasts, we added a new indigo selvedge denim for the first time in 10 years! The 14 oz heavy pink selvedge from Collect is a true pleasure to touch and wear, believe us. Next to new fabrics, we also introduced some new styles, such as a classic US Navy-style CPO shirt, a new pleated chino, a military field jacket, a camp collar Havana shirt, a deck coat and a looser denim fit.

The same effort was put into upgrading our jersey and sweatshirt range. All in a new organic cotton quality, made in Portugal like before, with new and improved fits. To change things up, we made some reversed sweatshirts as well, for that super soft fleece feel. We’re very excited about the new hoodie we designed and the Ivy-style cardigan. Loads of new prints, all in different techniques but flock prints are very dominant ‘cause that’s what we love most.

Ratso’s preppy vibe is definitely reflected in our knitwear this season. The cardigans remind us of fancy colleges we never set a foot in, they were made from a surprisingly soft 100% Shetland wool, finished with felt badges to bring the style home.

If anything, we wanted to create a collection that exudes a self-assured attitude, even in troubled times. In the words of Joe Buck, “I ain't a for-real cowboy. But I am one helluva stud”.