Eat Dust

Eat Dust
Eat Dust is a Belgian denim brand founded in 2010 by long time friends Rob Harmsen & Keith Hioco in Antwerp .

Both raised on skateboarding , a healthy dose of punk rock and a DIY attitude , combiened with years of experience in The Fashion World.
After Working for big corporate brands and Independ high Fashion houses , such as Diesel , G-Star , Lee , Eastpak and Raf Simons.
They decided It was time to venture out On their OWN .

At The heart of Eat Dust lies Rob & Keith’s rebelious nature .
Merging  Western , Military , Americana , motorcycle skateboard and music subcultures with classic menswear’s into a contemporary lifestyle brand .

Eat Dust was founded on the principle of an uncompromising vision and persuit of quality , integrity and originality.

Eat Dust takes a stand against many of the appalling practices of the fashion industry.
All production , as well as fabrics developement are retained in Europe.
Placing great significance in craftsmanship , tradition , expertise , human dignity and respect .

We do things our way , with conviction and according to principles we determine .
We do this humbly without pushing our believes upon others .
But by informing you about what we feel is the right thing for Eat Dust

We believe that a responsible and engaged brand is a healthy one .

Does this mean that we are a perfect compagny

No Far from iT
But it is a hell of a good
Place to start

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