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T.A.C Black Rainbow II Snapback Black Cords


 - Premium Italian Corduroy Upper
- 100% Cotton Ripstop Underbrim & Front Lining
Unstructured Crushable Upper
- Custom Ampal 3M Koolnit Tech Sweatband w/ Sweat Barrier

 THE BLACK RAINBOW IS BACK... this time in premium Italian Corduroy. 

    Fly fishing seems to be dominated by grey, khaki, beige, greige, drabs, a bit of blue.  We wear black off the water, especially hats, so wanted to offer a functional black fishing hat.

    The olive ripstop underbrim was chosen to as a dull neutral to blend in with mountain/stream background, allowing all focus to be pointed toward the water and not reflect any light.

     Made in Los Angeles, CA. USA