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LP - Watain: Lawless Darkness


Black double LP (33 rpm) in gatefold, eighth pressing, 500 copies worldwide.

With the true spirit of Black Metal coursing through every incendiary riff on ‘Lawless Darkness’, Watain have been reborn with sharpened intent and blazing potency, creating an intense and enveloping paean that keeps the black flame burning." (Terrorizer)
“This is the new benchmark for epic, extreme Black Metal.” (Aardschok)
“A much-more-than-worthy follow-up from one of the most relevant Black Metal bands around. Up-to-date Bathory worhip with extra everything.” (Close-Up)
“Lawless Darkness’ is a new frontier for Black Metal.” (Metal Hammer)
“Majestic and complex, yet with a stunning drive and ferocious energy. The rebirth of darkness and evil. The grand return!” (Sweden Rock)

Artwork by Zbigniew M. Bielak.

Side A: Death's Cold Dark/Malfeitor/Reaping Death
Side B: Four Thrones/Wolves Curse/Lawless Darkness
Side C: Total Funeral/Hymn to Qayin/Kiss of Death
Side D: Waters of Ain/Chains of Death

2010, 2015, Season Of Mist Records. Black vinyl.