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Book: PLANTS TASTE BETTER - Delicious Plant Based Recipes

Chef Richard Buckley has released his second recipe book Plants Taste Better, a beautiful hard back book with sophisticated vegan recipes.

Richard was raised a vegetarian and, after graduating with a 1:1 degree in English Literature, he set about studying vegetable cookery whilst working in a series of top vegetarian restaurants.

He is also owner/chef of one of the UK's top vegetarian restaurants, Acorn, based in Bath.  Having opened in 2013, it was awarded a MICHELIN Guide recommended status in 2019 for the second year running and their first year as a fully vegan restaurant.

His delightful 3 course set lunch menu is priced at £39.90 and features mains such as "one whole cauliflower cooked in various ways" - roasted florets, truffled puree, molasses pickled core & sautéed leaf, all served with almond milk croquetta infused with fenugreek & onion, spelt grain in a smoked almond emulsion & a tarragon oil.

On whether Acorn is purely for vegans, Richard says, "It is certainly a restaurant vegans can eat at with ease and it does and will continue to serve vegan food, because it’s good.  But I want it to be so much more than that, I want it to be a good restaurant and vegan is just a tiny part of a much bigger picture."