Spring/Summer 2017

The Lonely Hearts Club

The Nautic Collection is inspired by vintage mariner and workwear and features classic Eat Dust pieces cut from a lightweight Italian selvedge fabric.
This denim is composed of 70%CO/30%LI to give an authentic workwear look. Details include reinforced pockets and lining in HBT CO.
Two new cat-eye buttons were also developed for these styles. Both feature custom engraving on the front and back.

The Tropic Collection takes inspiration from vintage military workwear with a palette inspired by saharan- and jungle-exploration.
The fabric is 100%CO Bedford overdyed in a classic olive shade for an authentic army-style look. All lining and pocket reinforcements are crafted from the same HBT fabric which also features the overdye technique to deliver a light contrast detail.
This collection also features the newly developed cat-eye buttons with sutom engraving.

This collection is a perfect mix between artic and classic western wear. The Arctic Collection brings you Eat Dust classic items in 3 key fabrics.
A Belgian natural cotton color denim, a native inspired stripe fabric and a 70ties blue indigo selvedge denim.
New additions this season are the Wolf Shirt and Icelord body warmer. Everything you need in your wardrobe for a modern and contemporary western look.