Core 2014

Here is where it all started. All pieces are made out of 13 3/4 Oz double ring spun blue selvedge denim. All 4 jeans fits have their own unique stitching details.

Fit 67 – loose straight
Fit 73 – loose tapered
Fit 76 – regular straight
Fit 63 – bootcut

Core also offers two jackets: the Fit 673 jacket which has a cotton-lined body and a red nylon sleeve-lining and the Fit 736 cut, a sleeveless vest.
All items in this range feature the classic Eat Dust elements & detailing such as reinforced pockets, faded copper buttons, the ‘quality garments’ coaster-label and the ‘OFTR’ woven labels alongside the 673 leather-patch and our signature z-bar stitching.

The collection brings together all the staple pieces needed for the essential wardrobe.